Each product description will include the original in the pricing IF the original is available and for sale. Many of the pieces I do are original commissions from collectors and I retain the printing rights to 300 prints of each original to sell for my studio to continue to survive.

I limit the final portrait to three people, as I am a portrait artist and I am educated and focused upon faces. I can certainly draw and paint landscapes; however, my primary focus remains on peoples faces. If you send a photo of your entire office gang, I am not going to be able to offer the definition in each face as I will by limiting the subjects to a max of three. 

A normal sketch and watercolor portrait takes around 4-7 days, but you must also consider shipping if you are in a hurry. RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE!! Contact us for more.

100% drawn and painted by award-winning Colorado artist RICK LONG in our studio in Littleton, COLORADO! COMPLETELY 100% Handmade.

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