100% HAND sketched and painted by award-winning Colorado artist RICK LONG in our studio in Littleton, COLORADO! COMPLETELY 100% Handmade. We think it's a COMPLIMENT when people claim some sort of electronic embellishment!

Each product description will include the original in the pricing IF the original is available and for sale. Many of the pieces I do are original commissions from collectors and I retain the printing rights to 300 Limited Edition prints of each original to sell for my studio to continue to survive.

When many artists complete an original and wish to sell many of the same piece, they make prints. We have professional printers run "Limited Editions" of only 300 of each size print, meaning yours will be one of 300, unless it is the original. Each print, regardless of size, is individually numbered for archival records and signed by the artist.

I use archival quality, 140lb Cold Press paper, which I have found if best for my particular style and for it's durability. To learn more about different types of watercolor paper, I invite you to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiVpc7O-umM 

After finishing his BFA in Art from Antioch University Seattle, Rick then went on the achieve his Master of Arts in Teaching Degree from Seattle Pacific University. Painting professionally since 2013, Rick has an Amazon Shop and an Etsy store and well as his own online gallery at www.RickLongArt.com 

You have 4 choices of size:

9X11, 11x14, 20x30, and 24x36. If the original of the piece if also available it will be listed as well, and most originals pieces measure 18" X 24" US inches.

I limit the final portrait to three people, as I am a portrait artist and I am educated to focus upon faces. I can certainly draw and paint landscapes; however, my primary focus remains on peoples faces. If you send a photo of your entire office gang, I am not going to be able to offer the definition in each face as I will by limiting the subjects to a max of three. 

A normal sketch and watercolor portrait takes around 4-7 days, but you must also consider shipping if you are in a hurry. RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE!! Contact us for more.

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